Protrack Diagramprofloor diagram

NYI Flooring
Flooring Type Side Length (s) Height (h) Diagonal/Width (d) Surface Area Weight Load Factor
NYI Pro-Floor (light-weight) 33cm 57cm 61cm 0.27m2/tile 2.8kg/tile up to 2000kPa
NYI Pro-Track (mid-duty) 31cm 1.7cm 9cm 39.6 tiles/sqm 4.3kg/sqm 29,000kg/sqm

Are you keen in having that ideal outdoor event, yet worried about awkward situations your guests may face? Having heels sinking into sand, shoes being stained with mud, and being tripped by uneven flooring are definitely issues that you would not want your guest to encounter.

Pro-Track Flooring is the solution!

Being geometrically efficient, Pro-Track is able to conform to surfaces seamlessly. It is also professionally tested to be fire resistance and slip resistance. This mid-duty temporary flooring solution is useful for Corporate, Sports, Military, Festivals, Exhibitions, Vehicle Displays, practically weather-unfriendly places such as grass patches and sand.