Temporary Outdoor Events Singapore – Logistics Solutions

Established since 1965, Nanyang Inc seek to be the one-stop solution for outdoor event needs in Singapore. With a wide variety of event logistics - from tentage to lighting, every memorable event bears the trademark of our premium logistics services. As we built a solid reputation for quality and service over the years, the team recognises the need to combine functionality, design, and safety.

The key to great outdoor event is the quality experience and value that it brings to each client. Events such as weddings, corporate launches, anniversaries are once-in-a-lifetime milestones. Hence, it is always essential to choose the right type of logistics for different types of event. At Nanyang Inc, there are complementing event logistics for every ocassion – from grand showroom to mega concert. Aluminium technology tents provide excellent temporary space solution for outdoor events in Singapore due to it’s versatility and scalability. Not only does it allows event space to be maximised, but assorted event logistics such as lights, floorings, tables and chairs can be harmonised seamlessly.

With our expertise, event planning can be a breeze, as our experienced logistics team will ensure the aesthetics, safety, and timely delivery of each event setup. Need more assistance regarding outdoor events? Visit our FAQ or contact our professional team at for event logistics ideas and solutions.